1Q84 – Haruki Murakami (triology)

I love these books. There are three of them, but lately I see editions where they sell them as one. Murakami takes us on an unusual journey that is shifting between fantasy and reality. Also he brings the Japanese everyday closer to the reader.

  Short summary

  The story is placed in Tokyo, in the year 1984. It starts with one of the main characters, Aomame, who is riding in a taxi. As she tries to reach her destination, she starts to notice some strange and enigmatic changes around her.

  Later on, we meet Tengo, a writer of some kind, and a mathematics teacher. He takes on a ghost writing project, a story told by a girl named Fukaeri. 

  As the story proceeds stranger and stranger things start to happen, and we are starting to realize that this in fact is not the year 1984, but a parallel one, which Aomame likes to call 1Q84. Hence the name of the book.

This is a love story, a fantasy book, a mystery and if not, one of Murakami’s best works. It is a big read, but you will finish it very soon.

PS: I don’t know the author of the photo.



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