Millennium trilogy – Stieg Larsson (part 1)

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Do you like thrillers and mysteries? Do you like stories with secrets and lies and complex characters? Well, the Millennium trilogy is the right for you.

Since the tree books have somewhat different plots, I will write a separate review for every one of them.

  Short summary

  First you will meet Mikael Blomkvist. He is a publisher of the political Swedish magazine Millennium. After Millennium lost a case against the billionaire Hans Erik Wennerstorm, Mikael is sentenced to three years in prison.

  Soon after that, he is invited to meet one Henrik Vanger. Vanger is a CEO of Vanger Corporation and he has sniffed around Mikaels past before contacting him. This research on Mikael was done by Lisbeth Salander, a computer genius with troubled past (this is the girl with the dragon tattoo).

  Vanger asks Mikael to find out what happened with his niece Harriet who disappeared in 1966, and in return he promises to give Mikael evidence agains Wennerstorm.

  Mikael accepts this offer and this is where the secrets start to reveal. Seems like everyone has a secret of their own, and all of those secrets come to see the light of day.

  Later in the story you will meet Lisbeth Salander much better, but I won’t spoil any part of her story.

When you start reading this, you won’t be able to put it down. The bigger part of the story is set on the Hedeby island. It’s winter, it’s snowy, it’s cozy, while at the same time it’s shocking and with a few plot twists.

You will really enjoy this and you will even ask for more. Good thing there are two (now three) more books.

PS:The photo is fan art, but I don’t know the author.



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