Millennium trilogy – Stieg Larsson (part 2)

The Girl Who Played With Fire

This is the second book from the Millennium trilogy. It’s just as good as the previous one. This time we can take a better look at Lisbeth Salander and her past.

Short summary

  The story follows the ending of the first book. After Lisbeth finishes the job on the Wennerstrom affair she leaves Sweden and travels through Europe. 

  After about one year she returns to Stockholm. She avoided contacting Mikael Blumkvist (the publisher of the Millennium newspaper) so he is rather surprised to see her back home. While he is walking past her apartment, he sees her being attack by someone. He helps her and they chase the attacker away. It turns out the the men who attacked her is a member of Svavelsjo, an outlaw motor club.

  A guy named Dag Svensson, and his girlfriend, Mia Johansson, ask the Millennium magazine to publish an article on sex trafficking and the abuse of underage girls. This actually is the subject of Johansson’s doctoral thesis. Although the research is almost complete, the mention of the name ‘Zala’ intrigues everyone.

  Later that night, Dag and Mia are found dead in their apartment.

  The same night, Lizbeth hacks Mikael’s computer and is surprised to see the name ‘Zala’. So, she is headed to Dag and Mia’s apartment to ask them some questions about this ‘Zala’ person.

I think this is enough to get you going and to make you interested in reading the book. Larsson once again proves that he is the master of thrillers and mysteries. You won’t regret reading this.




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