A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin (part 1)

A Game of Thrones

It’s not so strange that the most popular TV show is based on a book series. A really good book series.

The first book was published in 1996, and knowing that after 20 years the series is still not finished, I think that George Martin is not in a hurry. However, the first book, A Game of Thrones,was nominated and won a few award in its time, such as the Locus Award in 1997.

The author uses several points of view to tell us the story about the war for the Iron Throne between the noble families in Westeros.

Short summary

  The first book starts when lord Eddard Stark, executes a deserter from the Night’s Watch. The Night’s Watch is consisted of people, mostly of them criminals, called Brothers of the Night’s Watch. Their job is to protect The Wall, a big structure made of ice (and magic) whose purpose is to protect the Seven Kingdoms from whatever lies beyond it.

  The deserter tries to explain that the Others, mythical, evil creatures, have returned. But no one believes him since they were gone for almost a thousand years.

  Soon afterwards Eddard Stark receives a word that Jon Arryn, the hand of King Robert Baratheon, is dead. Also, King Robert comes for a visit in Westeros.

  King Robert is an old friend of Eddard’s, so he asks him to replace Jon Arryn as the next hand of the king. Eddard accepts the offer, and soon he and his daughters, Arya and Sansa, leave for Kings Landing. 

  While Robert is at Winterfell, Eddard’s youngest son, Bran, accidentally sees Cersei, Robert’s wife, and Jamie, her brother, in coitus. When Jamie sees him, he pushes Bran over the window. This accident leaves Bran paralyzed.

  In this book, we also meet the Targaryens, Viserys and Daenerys. Their father, known as the Mad King, was overthrown by Robert Baratheon, and now the two of them only have each other. Trying to gain his place as a king back, Viserys betroths his sister to Khal Drogo, warlord of the Dothraki. In return, Drogo’s army will help him fight Robert Baratheon.

  On the day of the wedding, Daenerys gets three petrified dragon eggs as a gift. This gift is symbolic, since the Targaryens once ‘ruled’ with dragons, before all of them were killed.

This is pretty much how the story goes in the first book. Throughout the story you will see a lot of plot-twists, and the first book, of course, ends with a cliffhanger.

The first book is not that big, so you wouldn’t have a problem reading it. The story is amazing, the characters are built in great details. There is no main character so you couldn’t possibly know what will happen or who will die next.

If you like the show, then you must read the books.



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